What's the best way to protect cash flow? We offer custom risk management solutions, including hedging, trading and exposure management.

Why Choose BOK Financial Securities?

Experienced in Your Industry

Our services include agriculture, energy, foreign exchange (FX) and interest rate hedging, trading, and exposure management. We help protect cash flow for corporate and commercial clients, financial institutions, energy, real estate and private banking clients.

Investing Time in You

We’re one of the Southwest’s largest brokerage firms, processing more than 496,000 annual transactions. Every one of them begins with us listening to the needs, goals and risks of your unique organization.

Dedicated Advisors

We'll design and implement integrated derivative solutions tailored to your organization's specific needs.

Confident & Unbiased

At BOK Financial Securities, we aren't tied to just one set of financial products. We're informed and independent thinkers who can recommend the right mix of financial products and strategies specific to your commercial organization.

Energy and Agriculture Hedging

We manage exposure to fluctuating energy and agriculture prices.

  • Specialists in energy hedging
  • Complete solutions for agriculture
  • Versatile electronic trading
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Foreign Exchange

We provide our clients with a wide array of Foreign Exchange (FX) advisory services designed to help identify the best hedging strategies and solutions to meet their specific needs.

  • Wide array of FX advisory services
  • Trustworthy and experienced
  • Global currency compliant
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Interest Rate Hedging

Manage your financial risk with a full range of exposure management vehicles, including interest rate swaps, caps, floors and collars.

  • Complete customer service
  • Specialists in your industry
  • Custom-built solutions
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