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Jim Huntzinger

BOK Financial's Chief Investment Officer

Election Results In Line With Expectations

The legislative outcome of the election equals gridlock, not an unusual situation. The additional tax cuts highly unlikely to pass and infrastructure spending might have a chance to pass. International trade still a wild card. (Nov. 7, 2018)

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Tailwinds Turn to Headwinds

The U.S. dollar has improved relative to other currencies making it more difficult for U.S. manufacturers to sell goods in foreign markets. Interest rates have had modest increase but still relatively low. Oil prices have not significantly improved but an extra burden to consumers. (Oct. 31. 2018)

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2018 Mid-Year Economic Update

The U.S unemployment rate has declined to 3.9% and will likely continue to decline. Inflation has moved up but not at an alarming pace. In other positive news, consumer confidence remains high. (Aug. 22, 2018)

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Quarterly Economic & Market Review (Q2 2018)

The U.S. equity market ground higher in the second quarter, with the S&P 500 up 3.43%. U.S. small cap stocks had a terrific quarter, +7.75%, which put it near the very top of all equity markets around the globe. Also noteworthy in the second quarter was the bond market.

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BOK Financial Securities is one of the Southwest's largest brokerage firms, and handles more than 461,000 transactions and trade approximately $861 billion in fixed income and other securities annually.*

Skilled Fixed Income Providers

As one of the largest municipal bond underwriters in the U.S., we can offer securities, solutions and pricing that are unavailable through other firms. We use our stature in the fixed income market for our clients' benefit, not ours. Our distribution-oriented tracking strategy focuses on our clients' needs instead of proprietary trading.

Personalized, Responsive Service

Building a relationship with you is the key to helping you meet your long-term objectives. We can’t truly understand your goals without getting to know you, so we take the time to listen and learn from you.

Dedicated Team

We hire knowledgeable employees who are experienced in providing customized strategies and personalized customer service.

Successful Balance Starts with a Solid Foundation

Whether you’re an individual investor or you represent an institution, it’s not just the reward you’re pursuing, it’s also the level of risk with which you’re comfortable. There’s a balance that must be identified and monitored. We understand that balance.

Centrally Located to Serve You

As one of the Southwest's largest brokerage firms, BOK Financial Securities serves the needs of institutional and individual investors nationwide. We are licensed and active in all 50 states.

Our registered representatives are conveniently located across Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, ConnecticutKansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin.