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Strategies Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you're an individual investor, or you represent an institution, you have a certain personality and investment style. It's not just the reward you're pursuing, it's also the level of risk with which you're comfortable. There's a balance that must be identified and maintained, through market ups and downs alike. We understand that balance. And you can rely on our professionals to keep it by respecting your goals, interpreting the market climate and recommending careful, considered strategies tailored to your needs.

Why Trust BOK Financial Securities with Your Financial Future?

  • Skilled fixed income providers

    As one of the largest municipal bond underwriters in the U.S., we can offer securities, solutions, and pricing that are competitive with other firms.

  • Dedicated team

    We hire knowledgeable employees who are experienced in providing customized strategies and personalized customer service.

  • Personalized, responsive service

    Building a relationship with you is the key to helping you meet your long-term objectives. We can't truly understand your goals without getting to know you, so we take the time to listen and learn from you.

  • Stability you can count on

    BOK Financial Securities is one of the Southwest's largest brokerage firms, and handles more than 367,000 transactions and trades approximately $43 billion in fixed income and other securities annually.*

Centrally Located to Serve You

As one of the Southwest's largest Broker Dealers, BOK Financial Securities serves the needs of institutional and individual investors nationwide. We are licensed and active in all 50 states.**

Our registered representatives are conveniently located across Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin.