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Financial Institution Services

Is your financial institution meeting its regulatory requirements? We offer comprehensive asset/liability management analysis and reporting.

Asset/Liability Management Services

We can help you move beyond regulatory requirements with a comprehensive, cost-efficient, tailored solution to enhance your financial institution’s performance. We help engage your management team to formulate ideas and execute strategies that drive results.

Rely on us for innovative solutions to help streamline your business and stay competitive. Services we offer include:

  • Asset/liability services
    • Full assumption-based modeling
    • Quarterly call report-based modeling
  • Asset/liability model validation
    • Third-party review of your current asset/liability model.
    • Provide recommendations to the ALCO process.
  • Wholesale funding
  • Investment portfolio solutions
    • Institutional strategy, analysis, and portfolio accounting and safekeeping.
  • Trading and underwriting
  • Additional services


  • A Reliable, Dedicated Team

    When you're our client, you're not just getting one skilled, experienced investment professional; you're getting the benefit of a dedicated team of professionals, so you can be confident in the service and advice you receive.

  • Reliable Reporting

    Our reporting plays through a number of scenarios that can affect your future. From interest rates to financial statements, risk tolerance to rate shock, we analyze your balance sheet using Plansmith’s Compass model — a simulation system that models financial behavior under changing conditions.

  • Simplified Executive Summaries

    Seeking just a brief synopsis? Consider the Risk Compass Executive Summary. This short-form analysis provides relevant risk measures with narrative. It's an essential tool to assist your board in understanding the impact of bank earnings and equity.

  • Customized Reports as Needed

    Need specific information on a particular timeline? Additional custom reports are also available. Talk to your investment representative or your relationship manager to learn more.

Products and Services

Full Assumption-Based Modeling

  • Utilizing detailed information pulled from the institution’s core processing system.
  • Key assumption review.
  • GAP, one- and two-year parallel rate shocks of income, non-parallel rate shocks, rate shock market value of equity.
  • Back testing of model results.
  • Product level decay studies / beta analysis.
  • Liquidity stress testing.
  • Sensitivity and scenario analysis.
  • Budgeting and financial reporting.

Quarterly Call Report-Based Modeling

  • GAP, one- and two-year parallel rate shocks of income, non-parallel rate shocks, rate shock market value of equity, limited assumption modeling.
  • Comprehensive report package.

Third-party review of your current asset/liability model

  • Evaluate policies and procedures.
  • Verify model inputs.
  • Assess reasonableness of assumptions.
  • Provide recommendations for enhancements to the ALCO process.
  • Institutional strategy and execution.
  • Fee-based portfolio management.
  • Investment portfolio analytics.
  • Portfolio accounting and safekeeping.
  • Underwriting of brokered CDs in multiple terms and structures to fit your balance sheet.
  • Industry leader in bank qualified and taxable municipal underwriting.
  • Agency underwriting.
  • Dedicated traders by sector.
  • Over $400 billion in annual trading volume.
  • Full credit review of existing municipal portfolio.
  • Pre-purchase analysis on portfolio purchases.
  • Correspondent mortgage services (service-released).
  • Derivatives and hedging products.
  • Foreign exchange and wires.
  • Cash letter and treasury management.
  • 401(k) and retirement plan services.

Looking for Something in Particular?

We strive to go beyond the usual array of services, so that we can offer our financial clients a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Institutional and retail fixed income
  • Bank-qualified municipal underwriting
  • Bond accounting and safekeeping
  • Wholesale funding
  • Full credit review of existing municipal portfolio
  • Pre-purchase analysis on portfolio purchases
  • Correspondent mortgage services (service-released)
  • Residential mortgage funding
  • Derivatives and hedging products
  • Foreign exchange and wires
  • Cash letter and treasury management
  • 401(k) and retirement plan services

For more information, please contact our Financial Institutions Group at 866-440-6515.